What is Plan2Book?

To help your customer plan your activity,

so no business is lost because they don't get organized.

We are sure a lot of business is lost because players never quite get everything organized. Getting all the collegues together, inviting friends for a birthday activity, or just going out on a Friday night

is often not easy to plan.

You can help your customers plan their team activity with your business at a date and time that suits the entire team. Plan2Book is a webapp that adds an extra, optional, service for your customers. You don't have to change the existing booking system.

Think of it as a doodle, in which the schedule of your own booking system is integrated. The customer indicates which activity he wants to plan, how many people will come along and the dates and times it suits him. They then forward that information on to their team who fill in their availability, and the planning tool calculates the perfect match for your customer. 

Plan2Book links with your booking system in real time, so any planning match will always bring up an available booking spot.

Plan2Book is a web app for all team activity businesses:

escape rooms, bowling venues, guided tours, laser shooting, yoga classes, restaurants, VR games, axe throwing, canyoning, rafting, rent out sports fields, cooking classes, all kinds of team building activities, ...

Take a look at how one of our customers use Plan2Book.

De Gouden Kooi is an escape room venue that uses Plan2Book to help their customer plan an escape room. Click on their logo to see Plan2Book in action.

What's it all about?


Help your customer plan and book your activity

By providing your customer with a great planning tool to help with their booking, the chance of an actual booking increases. Assisting your customer in their planning rather than sending him elsewhere, will ensure that the conversion rate increases. Furthermore, this gives you an advantage over your competitors. Customers are looking for ease and convenience so will always prefer to book at a venue that offers them a simple booking process.

Seamless integration with existing tools

The Plan2Book add-on web app can be integrated with the booking tool you already use. You don't have to change your booking system. Plan2Book has fresh, user friendly screens to ensure maximum conversion, both on mobile and desktop. Plan2Book allows your customers to plan and book your activity on a single interface.

eamil address

More bookings and a more effective schedule

The Plan2Book web app will help your customer find the earliest available date and timeslot, matching your vacancies with the agendas of your customer’s whole team. By suggesting the very first available date, this will result in an earlier booking, thus keeping future timeslots available.

Collect email addresses of all participants

Plan2Book enables you to collect both the email address of the booker as well as the email addresses of all participants (with their consent). This multiplies the number of subscribers to your mailing list, and helps you to set out a stronger marketing strategy.


Your branding

Use your personal dashboard to brand the experience for your customer and fully integrate the tool on your own website.



Use your personal dashboard to keep track of important data about how customers are using the tool, as well as the conversion rate. If you prefer to use Google Analytics, this is also integrated.



The Plan2Book demo is a real time example of De Gouden Kooi.

De Gouden Kooi operates several escape rooms and an escape walk at two locations in Mechelen, Belgium.

At De Gouden Kooi, the choice for the customer between planning and booking was fully incorporated into the website. You can also choose to display that choice by the web app itself. Both options are possible.

You can take a look at the website to see how Plan2Book was implemented.

You could start a planning so you can see for yourself how it works. Of course you don't really have to make a booking.

De Gouden Kooi chose to implement Plan2Book in Dutch and English. More languages are available.

Our price plans

Because we are just launching this tool, our first 5 customers can use Plan2Book

for free for a whole year.

You don't have to change your current booking system, and just add Plan2Book as an extra, optional, service for your clients.

If you don't like it, you can cancel your subscription at any given time.

If you would like to continue using Plan2Book after this year, you can choose one of the rates beneath.


a fixed rate of

€ 9,99 per month

Know the cost in advance


as little as

€ 1,20 per booking

via the planning tool

Only pay for results


If you are more comfortable by knowing the exact monthly cost, you choose our

fixed price plan

of €9,99 per month.

If you want to try it out at no risk at all, you can choose our variable price plan. You only pay for plannings that actually convert into bookings (in your own existing booking system). Bookings that are directly made through your booking system, are not accounted for. No bookings via Plan2Book? No costs for you and no hidden fees.

The total rate will be calculated and invoiced back to you on a monthly basis.

Prices are exclusive of VAT.

You can change your price plan once a year.


What languages are supported?
Currently, the tool supports English, French, Dutch and German.

Would you like to see another language? Let us know! We'll gladly add your prefered language.

What booking systems are supported?
We integrate seamlessly with Bookeo – www.bookeo.com.
Are you using another booking software and are interested in using Plan2Book? Please let us know! We are currently looking into adding Resova. Please let us know if that interests you.

What mailing systems are supported?
We integrate with MailChimp – www.mailchimp.com. Mailchimp is free for starters and the set up is really easy. A mailing system is not mandatory if you don't want to collect email addresses.
Are you using another mailing software and are interested in using Plan2Book? Please let us know!

What payment services are supported?
We integrate with Mollie, Stripe and Square.
A Mollie account is free and the set up only takes 15 minutes: www.mollie.com

A Stripe account is free as well. Set it up here: www.stripe.com

A Square account can be set up for free here:


A payment service is not mandatory if you don't ask for online payment for your bookings.
Are you using another payment service and are interested in using Plan2Book? Please let us know!

What does the interface look like?

You can experience our web app on our demo page.

A great example of an existing integration can be found on the website of De Gouden Kooi.

How long does a contract with plan2book run?

For as long as you want. There are no long-term contract terms and you can cancel your subscription with Plan2Book by issuing a 30 day advance notice.

How do I integrate this web app on my webpage?

Once you set up your account on our customer portal, you will receive a widget code to integrate on your webpage. It's as easy as ABC.

What about the pricing of this tool?
Check our pricing page. You only pay per planning that actually converted into a booking. Bookings directly via your booking system are not accounted for.


How do you make my customers' life easier?

Plan2Book aims to make the booking process as easy as possible by assisting at the planning of an activity.
Not only will the tool help your customers plan and book your team activity, it also includes several extra features such as:
- WhatsApp integration
- Sending out emails to inform the whole team

Customer satisfaction is key. Extra features will be implemented as we go.

How can we track the use of the tool? Is there a way to see if our clients actually book via the Plan2Book web app?
You can track the use of the tool in 3 ways:
1- via google events (in google analytics): there is an 'event' for a planning that has started, and a seperate 'event' for a booking that is made (via the planner)
2- via your personal portal on plan2book.com: here you will find all the applicable data in order to track your customer's use of the tool
3- via your booking tool: your booking tool registers that a booking is made via Plan2Book

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